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Creased Nation Sponsor Terms and Conditions



  1. In consideration of Creased Nation (Pty) Ltd obligations in connection with this Agreement, the Sponsor acknowledges that he/she/it shall pay the Creased Nation (Pty) Ltd the Sponsorship Fee prior to the cut off date. Should no payment be received by the specified date, the Sponsor shall not be entitled to participate.


  1. The Sponsor accepts that Creased Nation (Pty) Ltd will incur costs during and post giveaway and that Creased Nation (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee cover such costs prior to the giveaway. The admin fee is not solely for the use of giveaway admin but for the upkeep of the business.


  1. The Sponsor acknowledges that no refund shall be permitted after the date for payment has lapsed.


  1. The Sponsor agrees and gives explicit permission to Creased Nation (Pty) Ltd to make use of the giveaway results for marketing purposes for future giveaways.


  1. The Sponsor will comply fully with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


  1. Creased Nation (Pty) ltd shall in no way be liable for any loss of income; loss of profit; loss of followers; loss of opportunity or damage to the Sponsor’s reputation and/or indirect; special; incidental; or consequential loss or damage, whatsoever and howsoever such loss, damage or delay was caused, whether from contract or otherwise.


  1. The sponsor acknowledges that there is an undefined number of Instagram followers that their account will receive within the giveaway period and that Creased Nation (PTY) ltd will promote the giveway with the intention that the sponsor account will receive of 1000 – 4000 followers.


  1. Sponsors partake in giveaways on a voluntary basis, Creased Nation (PTY) ltd reserves the right to decline a sponsors request to be apart of the giveaway.


  1. Creased Nation (PTY) ltd has full permission to select the winners and verify their eligibilty without the sponsors input.

By making payment the sponsor agrees to the above terms and conditions and confirms that they have read and understood the above